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Beginning in 2006 the World Federation of Rose Societies Literary Award is awarded to honour outstanding rose books. Our book has been so recognized:
2015: – Roses in Bermuda Revisited
Author: Bermuda Rose Society Book Committee
Publisher: Bermuda Rose Society
Year: 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978 1-927750-25-4
This book is the updated edition of the book that the Bermuda Rose Society first published in 1984 as Old Garden Roses in Bermuda.
In Bermuda roses bloom continually, especially in the months October through May. The purpose of this book is to show you their roses. It is also a useful guide to the roses grown in Bermuda. The main thrust is Old Garden Roses, especially the Chinas, Teas, and the many “Mysteries,” some of which have been accorded the ultimate accolade of simply being known as “Bermuda” roses.

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Dear Rosy Members CUT ROSES We realise that excepIonal circumstances prevail and all of your gardens and roses will have taken a big hit with “Nicole”. Some of you will have even have lost enIre rose bushes. However, our roses don’t give up, they persevere, just as we are. By next week there will very likely be some blooms, although the foliage will not yet have had Ime to recover. The November meeIng is a 20 entry only (any 20 entries, just no duplicate varieIes). Due to the storm and for this meeIng only, there will be NO REQUIREMENT FOR FOLIAGE. Foliage will be preferred but the judges will consider all entries on their own stems, with or without foliage. We encourage you to exhibit your roses on their stems, you will have a be^er chance of a ribbon. (The Bloom in a Bowl class will only yield one first, second and third each). Remember, there will be one more 20 entry only meeIng and a trophy to be won at the AGM for the exhibitor with the most points in the two 20 entry only meeIngs! ROSE ARRANGEMENTS What wonderful Itles for using dried storm plant debris. Try and incorporate fresh rosaceae material, however, please know that the judges will exercise leniency if the emphasis in your arrangement is on dried material, and the fresh material not necessarily from the rose family. Class A & B – ‘Twists and Turns’ – an exhibit using fresh and dried plant material. Class C – ‘In a Nut Shell’ (Remember this is a very small arrangement, max space 9x9x9. For this space your arrangement will be more in the region of 5×7 and won’t require very much material) Your bench team.

 BRS Information, Newsletters and News BRS Information, Newsletters and News BRS Information, Newsletters and News

 BRS Information, Newsletters and News